Tantric sex for gay men

"Tantra is an ancient philosophy that exalts sex as a means of connecting with the higher forces. The practitioners of Tantric sex aim to unite two lovers in one continuous stream of energy. Tantra challenges the modern concept of sexual experience as being focused on the genitals and on performance. The sexual rituals of Tantra aim instead to unite the whole body, mind and heart of the participants."
"The anus is regarded as a source of divine energy in Tantric sex, and is not be eschewed as a fount of profound pleasure."
"Tantra says that loving your partner in a sexual way does not always have to be centred on the genitals. Sex should be a whole body and mind experience that helps couples grow closer and more loving. The desire to respect and cherish those we love, as well as to make love to them, can be expressed and developed effectively through Tantra."
"Once again, the study and practice of Tantric sex can be helpful in assuring you that orgasm need not be the one and only aim of your sexual encounters."
The Gay Man's Kama Sutra by Terry Sanderson. Thomas Dunne Books 2004.
(Terry Sanderson in Wikipedia!)

"The term Tantra is derived from two Sanskrit words, tan and tra. Tan means 'tools,' and tra means 'expansion.' Thus, at its core Tantra means 'tools for expansion.'"
"You can practice Tantric rituals as a Christian, Jew, Muslim, Buddhist, pagan, or anything else. Tantra is simply an approach to living designed to bring its practitioners closer to the Divine."
"However, it is important to realize that although the erotic dimension is central to aspects of Tantra, it is actually only a small portion of Tantric ritual."
"As gay men, I believe we have an advantage in not only understanding but also making present both the male (Shiva) and female (Shakti) aspects of the Divine. This is because, in contrast with our heterosexual brothers, it is easier for us to experiment with different roles of giving and receiving without threatening our identity. Gay sex roles can be fluid, and there is support in the gay community for a great variety of social and erotic experiences."
Tantra for Gay Men by Bruce Anderson. Alyson Books 2002.
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